Cheap Meat - The Parts That Show EP
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Cheap Meat – The Parts That Show EP

It’s tough not to like Cheap Meat, and that’s before you listen to the music. A quick chat, a read of any interview, or look at the bio on their webpage tells you everything you need to know about this relatively new band. They’re funny, down to earth, have some great taste in music, and are about as DIY as it comes. And they’re just plain nice.

Couple this with their first release, The Parts That Show EP, and it’s easy to see that Cheap Meat won in the talent lottery. Coming in a bit over 10 minutes, there’s enough on offer here to take in and love, while also a great look at what’s to come – something the band are already teasing. Taking stride from grunge, punk and hummable melodies, there is something of a Hotelier comparison which can be made in the sound on offer, and the relatable lyrics that Ross Drummond rings out.

The title track kicks off preceedings, opening with a lush guitar line before sweeping straight into all out joy as the three piece make themselves heard as a unit. There are breakdowns and hooks throughout to enjoy, none of which fee overbearing or out of place. This then feeds into ‘The Distance Between You And Me’, a song which gently swings between the sweet and bittersweet.

Final track ‘For A Moment’ quickly chugs into view before opening on a grander scale, as Finnish bassist Peter Hakola and (slightly more local) drummer Matt Rebeiro come into play. Together they earn the fruits of the labour, and this offering is something to enjoy. If this is a sneak peek of what’s to come, maybe nice guys don’t always have to finish last.

The Parts That Show is out on the 4th of March, via Hassle Records

Venue: The Parts That Show EP
Support Band: Hassle Records

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