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Battlestar Galactica DVD Review

battleThis is the pilot movie of the original series from the 1970s starring Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict and Lorne Greene.

It can’t be emphasised enough just how powerful the main theme music is for the original and it still sounds great today.  Battlestar may have be accused of cashing in on the Star Wars phenomena – but history dictates that its plot is in fact a very different beast all together, and was fleshed out  in the remake series a decade ago.

But this film such as it is sees the Human and Cylon factions suffer a massive fall out when the Cylon army decide to sneak attack – leaving a lone fleet to escape with their lives and seeking  a new home across the galaxy .

The effects are dated for sure;  the hair styles and fashions are also sometimes eyebrow-raisers (not to mention the disco-era make up some of the cast are wearing) but the cast play it all straight – and who doesn’t like the earnest heroics of Richard hatch teamed with the wise-cracking cigar chomping Dirk Benedict.

This is worth looking back at if you are familiar with, and definitely if you are familiar with the remake series. The highest value there is comparing how much of the basic initial story was adapted for the modern era and how they did it.

3 Stars




Steven Hurst

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