Video of the Day: Sonny Green - Bars

Video of the Day: Sonny Green – Bars

21-year-old grime and spoken word artist Sonny Green caught our attention today with his new video for infectious and arresting new single ‘Bars’.

Whilst some might see him as out on a limb as a white MC trying to muscle in on the sudden success of an underground movement, he’s no less passionate about the genre and his musical message than his contemporaries.

On a mission to raise consciousness and provoke thoughts for progress in society, making a break from the commercial negative-narrative of many modern day rap and hip hop artists, and stepping beyond the common self-consuming love and sex lyrical plot. His lyrics and music address a wide spectrum of topics within society such as social behaviour, media manipulations, permaculture, domestic violence, global agendas and street culture.

Sonny’s debut EP ‘Grime Is Punk’ is scheduled for release on Hostage Music in April 2016, with lead track ‘Bars’ serving as your 3 minute warning that Sonny Green is about to arrive. This one – as my nan would never say – goes like the f*cking clappers.

Sonny says “The track is about my bars being undeniable and that I’m here and free to do and say what I like and nothing or no ones going to stop me”.

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