Those Handsome Animals - Rant Wildly
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Those Handsome Animals – Rant Wildly

We are no longer hurtling towards the future, we overshot it, and now find ourselves floating helplessly in an entropy of Chris Morris-esque farce and self-loathing somewhere beyond the path we were meant to follow.

It’s all noise and it’s all meaningless, but somewhere in this raging 21st chaos is a band that help me to retune my zen-like state and find my centre within frenetic three minute indie-pop songs.

Those Handsome Animals talk sense in their painfully aware lyrics, taking kitchen-sink dramas and everyday situations and cramming this social commentary into a track until it feels fit to burst, thrusting forth with brake-neck delivery. Those Handsome Animals can knock out astute witticisms and still counter it all with a chorus that captures the imagination with no imagination needed at all, it’s simple, it’s forthcoming, just wait patiently and wail along. And Those Handsome Animals make perfect sense to me, when the whole world appears to be changing quicker than I can keep up with, I love that they seem to stay the same, they wear their influences on their sleeves regardless of what fashion may dictate, and above all that, they make me want to dance.

I don’t need phone upgrades and craft beers and tidal streaming exclusives, and I don’t want beloved celebrities to keep dying and I don’t want to worry about an ever-increasing retirement age or euro-exits.

I just want music to jump around to, and songs to sing along with loudly.

Is that too much too ask?

Out now and available to stream via Spotify

previously published on Desperately Seeking Susan Boyle

Venue: Rant Wildly
Support Band: Self-released

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