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The Secret Of My Success Review

somsMichael J Fox was on a hot streak in the 80s and it’s been a while since The Secret Of My Success has been on the subject of any debate. But it’s being pushed out onto DVD once again (sans extras) and in all honestly it was delight to catch up with.

If you like a bit of nostalgia form the 80s then this one fits the vibe we were getting from comedies at the time., not to mention more hard hitting dramas like Wall Street.  Yes money, greed and rising to power were a hot subject in the 80s.

In a  time when corporate greed was at the forefront on minds, we get a tale of a man who moves to the big city with big dreams of climbing the corporate ladder and doing good for the little person, only to come up against corporate tyrants and beautiful woman and ruthless relatives.

Fox is at the top of his game remaining a likeable protagonist starting out in a shabby apartment, desperate to make a better life for himself – but obviously wise enough to make friends in the right places in order to do the right thing in the end –and come out on top anyaway!

It’s a 1980’s film  through and through thanks to some colour fashion choices and interesting big hair on some of the supporting cast. But it’s also funny on purpose. Which helps.

3 Stars




Steven Hurst

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