Best Of Enemies - Sorry State
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Best Of Enemies – Sorry State

Croydon, England seems to be a breeding ground for talent lately with the likes of Bellevue Days and Bad Sign poking their talented noses into the public’s eyes and ears and Best Of Enemies seem set to join them with the release of their new EP, ‘Sorry State’.

Best Of Enemies kick off this snappy little record with the title track which charms with it’s all too relatable lyrics about drinking too much and feeling the after effects. There’s more anguish to come with following tune, ‘Way Of Life’, where it’s the British weather that takes the brunt of the hatred.

Sam Christmas (Guitar/Vocals) knows how to write tunes and his morose lyrical content paired with his ear for hooks has potential for many a sing-a-long. There are clear nods to Fools And Worthless Liars-era Deaf Havana all over this record which are hard not to notice from the very start.

It’s not all doom and gloom though and the actual music on ‘Sorry State’ is far from it. Pacey, solid rhythms and catchy leads galore, it’s guaranteed to prick the ears of anyone who was really into the recent wave of British rock bands that briefly took over the mainstream for a while. As mentioned previously, there’s a lot of Deaf Havana throughout the EP as well as bands like Lower Than Atlantis and Mallory Knox but Best Of Enemies would fit quite neatly into your collection alongside those bands.

There’s nothing earth-shatteringly new to be found here but that’s not to say it’s not worthy of your time and the lads in Best Of Enemies could be a part of the new wave of rock bands to make a splash in the scene. Consider getting in at the ground floor.

– Shane Sanderson

Venue: Sorry State
Support Band: Self Release

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