TEEN CREEPS share new single ""Hindsight""

TEEN CREEPS share new single “”Hindsight””

Ghent-based trio Teen Creeps are sharing another slice of their grunge-punk sounds with their new single “Hindsight”. The track is taken from their debut album ‘Birthmarks’, which is due April 6th via PIAS.

“It’s by far the poppiest track we’ve ever written. The whole song is built around one single guitar melody and plays a lot with dynamics”, says guitarist Joram. And dynamic it is: one moment singer Bert is using a high falsetto over a clean guitar part, the next he is screaming his lungs out in the powerful chorus.

A reflection of the song’s lyrics, Bert explains. “They are like a bitter state of the union on myself. I sing about friendships, accomplishments and all the frustrations that come with them. In a self-mocking way in the verse and with rage in the chorus. All the themes that come up throughout the album are kind of touched upon here. It’s like nine songs of anger that’s getting released in a couple of seconds.”