Toronto-based alternative rock band SELFISH THINGS have today premiered a brand video for a cover of ‘Marvin’s Room’ by Drake. The band will also release ‘Vertical Love//Reimagined EP’ on 25th May, which is three tracks from ‘Vertical Love’ re-worked plus the cover of ‘Marvin’s Room’.

“I opted to cover ‘Marvin’s Room’ because it’s a record that’s always resonated with me,” says singer Alex Biro. “I used to drive around with a friend from work and a few friends from Oakville, ON (the town beside where I grew up) blasting Take Care on repeat at like, 1 am in the middle of the winter of 2011/2012. I was in a weird period of growth and wasn’t sure what I was becoming, so a lot of the content/emotive delivery really hit home. The lyrical vulnerability of someone struggling with the trials and tribulations of fame was a potent and telling narrative that stuck with me to this day.”

Vertical Love // Reimagined EP
1. Without You
2. We All Die Young
3. Marvin’s Room (Drake Cover)
4. Five Years

“‘Vertical Love’ came into being after what was one of the most tumultuous periods of my life,” explains Biro. “It’s a body of work that’s representative of a time when I was struggling to eliminate my nihilistic outlook and replace it with something that was innately more sustainable and emotionally fruitful. I’ve always had a tendency to contemplate whether or not we choose the path we walk, or whether god/the universe/deity has placed us on a path that we have no control over. Looking back on it now, I think all of these songs are indicative of my struggle for control over the things I can’t understand or make sense of. The pain and suffering that come with sentience are necessary as a means of quantifying the depth of our experiences as living beings.”

Vertical Love is out now via A Wolf At Your Door Records.

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