Weird Milk unveil new single 'Better'

Weird Milk unveil new single ‘Better’

West London baroque pop outfit Weird Milk have unveiled a stunning video for new single ‘Better’, released through prolific London label Ra-Ra Rok Records.

‘Better’ is perhaps the antithesis to the swirling sense of doom in western culture. At its core, the song yearns for a return to basics. A return to the things that can truly make you feel better about life, the truly simple feelings about the world, not proselytising for an anguished cause or advocating a rejection of such a cause, but reminding the listener that looking around you is important, every once in a while.

In a sense, the track is an anti-banger. Verses saunter before a step back in tempo for a chorus which is infectious and unexpected in equal measure. Deft and cultured choices of classic pop music tropes sew this track together with genuine poise.

Produced by the band themselves and engineered and mixed by Jake Robbins, the track marks a sincere statement of intent for a blossoming group of songwriters unwilling to shape themselves to 2018’s mould.

Speaking about ‘Better’, Weird Milk said:

“Our aim with this song was to try to encapsulate the beginnings of Spring…

The feeling that I think most people experience from time to time when maybe you’re walking somewhere and Spring seems to step out of hiding and suddenly it’s there. And then, even if just for a brief moment, it feels as though everything’s going your way. ”

‘Better’ is out now through Ra Ra Rok Records.

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