SAVE FACE release new track 'Nothin''

SAVE FACE release new track ‘Nothin”

New Jersey-based rock band Save Face has shared a video for their new single ‘Nothin’’’off their album ‘Merci ‘, which is out July 13. According to front person Tyler Povanda, “Nothin’ is about coming to terms with a new reality after waking up and seeing that everything you loved is gone. It’s watching a car crash – you’re behind the wheel and you’re also on the hood of the car.”

With its catchy-yet-off-kilter and viscerally charged sound, ‘Merci ‘is a concept album about an addict dealing with post-rehab relationship struggles and an eventual paranoia-fueled meltdown. Partly inspired by the theatricality of such bands as Queen, Merci is driven by a dramatic tension that reflects Save Face’s mission of making emotionally complex, multi-faceted art.

Save Face is vocalist/guitarist Tyler Povanda, whose bandmates include guitarist Phil McGarry, bassist Chris Aveta, and drummer Chris Flannery. Formed in 2012, Save Face released their debut EP ‘Folly’ in 2016. Last November, the band delivered ‘Folly: On The Rocks’—a stripped-down, partly acoustic, more intimate rendition of that EP. With their remarkable work ethic, Save Face have played hundreds of shows per year, spending an impressive nine months on the road in 2017 (including a run with their labelmates The Menzingers).


1. Merci
2. Bad
3. Blues
4. Heartache
5. Weak
6. Jonesin’
7. Pour
8. Mercy
9. Plans
10. Nothin’
11. Reds
12. Love
13. Rien
14. Yours

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