The LEGO Movie 2: Emmet and Benny’s ‘Build and Fix’ Workshop! Review

Emmet and Benny’s ‘Build and Fix’ Workshop!

Pieces: 117

Ages: 4+

Mini Figures: 2

Price: £17.99

What’s inside

2 numbered bags of Lego bricks

1x Instruction booklet

1 Lego ship base plate


The LEGO Movie 2 is almost upon us which means we can expect a whole host of new LEGO sets. Filmwerk has been treated to three of these. You can pretty much expect the weird, the wonderful and the often truly bizarre when it comes to the minds of the characters from the film!


The box says for 4+ so you are not going to run into any trouble here.  As is often the case – you start buy building a minifig and then  you move onto the bigger stuff.  Bag one deals with Emmet, his work station and his tools along with the buggy, whilst bag two deals with Benny and his ship.

There is nothing overly complicated about any of the vehicles so younger ages should build with ease from relatively few bricks.

Finished product

Despite it being from a very low age range, this small set actually has a bit of adult appeal – largely down to the retro character of Benny the Spaceman and his little space ship.  Those old enough to remember will get a kick out of the old style LEGO design in this regard. And he still has that scratched logo on his chest which gave us all a giggle form the first movie.

Emmet is here too and he has a few things to help him for what does make for a decent playset for the younger generation.  So either for your kids it will keep them happy for a while; or the adult collector has items of use.  And at well under the £20 mark, what is not to recommend about it!

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