The LEGO Movie 2: Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader Review

Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader

Pieces: 236

Ages: 7+

Mini Figures: 2

Price: £24.99

What’s inside

3 unnumbered bags of Lego bricks

1 bag of Raptor LEGO parts

2 x Instruction booklet

1 x Sticker sheet


Our third LEGO MOVIE 2 LEGO set for review is one for the boys. Things are going to get Dino on this one, but with a hint of the bizarre thrown in as well.


Another straight forward set with plenty of things going on to make for an active play set.  Two minifigs, a strange planet person thingy (got to love the “you can make anything out of LEGO with a  little imagination” philosophy.

We also get a blue raptor, armed and loaded! But also a very cool buggy for our characters to ride around in.

But wait a second.  What is this?  On the box is says 3 in 1.

That’s right!  The second booklet with this set comes with two alternative builds to make with the LEGO included.  You can make The first being a Raptor-Buggy hybrid. And the second a more complex variation on the basic Raptor design which allows you to let a minifig become a rider on top.

Finished product

Yeah, the two LEGO minifigs aside, we don’t know what the heck that weird plant thing is!  I guess we will have to wait and see the movie.

But the 3 in 1 aspect is a very nice touch.  Coming from a film series where tings often disassemble and then reassemble into something new, it shows that LEGO have put a little thought into that idea here and given you options of how to build. It may also spark a few imaginations going so kids can get to work on their own designs. The rule book can literally be thrown out of the window – which any good LEGO builder knows they should be allowed to do.

The piece count is on the lowish side for the price, but the above addition makes it a better set all round for kids with imaginations.


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