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Circa Waves invite fans to escape the Brexit madness with a special lock in

Lock-in to end all lock-ins, 19th March, the Circa Waves Tavern, 49 Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AN –
doors 6.30pm.

There are times when holing-up in your favourite local, having a pint and waiting for it to all blow over is the only way to escape the increasing madness of the modern world.

While the Brexit chaos continues to pour from the Westminster catacombs, infecting the people on the streets, Circa Waves are offering a way of escaping the madness, if only for a few days. On the 19th March, the Liverpool four-piece are inviting their fans, a selection of their favourite bands, and their famous drinking buddies to hole up with a pint of fine (European) lager, spin some vinyl, belt out some songs, climb behind the bar and wait for the whole damned mess to blow over. It could be
a long night.

Taking over The Monarch, a stone’s throw away from where their sold-out show at the Roundhouse will be taking place in April, The Circa Waves Tavern will be open for business and frivolities. Fans and all attending will enjoy free drinks including Circa Waves very own custom beer, DJ sets from Circa Waves, plus very special guests as well as limited edition signed album posters at the venue on 42 Chalk Farm Lane.  The band might even be convinced to bring a guitar.

The grand opening, a lock-in to end all lock-ins will take place on Tuesday 19th to celebrate the imminent release of their new album ‘What’s It Like Over There?’ (released April 5th on Prolifica Inc). Fans will have a very welcome opportunity to escape the Brexit noise and join the band for a lock-in.

Announcing the news on the band’s website, Joe and co said: “We’re all bored the doom and gloom of Brexit, so our plan is to go to the pub and wait for it all to blow over. Actually, the plan is to take over an entire pub, fill it with people, play some pool, pull some pints, toast the upcoming release of our new record and just forget about everything else.”

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