LEGO Gingerbread House

Pieces: 1477

Ages: 12+

Mini Figures: 2

Price: £84.99

What’s inside

Multiple numbered bags of Lego bricks

2 x Instruction booklet

Sticker sheet


No real background on this one.  It’s the later part of the year and LEGO are looking to sweeten things up a little around here with a tasty looking display piece.


The first bags take care of the loose pieces.  Namely the Gingerbread family and the various toys and trinkets that sit apart and around the set. There are boxed sweet looking presents, a miniature train and a hobby horse to name a few, and of course a decorated Christmas tree.

The remaining four building sections take care of the house.  And it’s an absolute delight to build.

On the base of the house is a multitude of colours being used for the flooring, walls and fireplace, with a small amount of snow brick exterior. The fireplace also includes a light brick to add a little extra warmth.

From then on, there is a slow build-up of shelves, cupboards and tables and chairs. With some truly magical touches along the way to decorate each section of each room as you head towards the first floor. 

Up there is the bedroom and bathroom. The bed (which comes along with a baby cot next to it) looks to be made of layers of icing topped of with chocolate bricks. And let us not gloss over the outer walls that is also filled with decoration, snow, sweets and a large chimney stack!

The last sections are the snow and sugar covered roof tops which is where you will find the most repetition in the set, but nothing that should bore the casual builder.

Finished product

It’s simply just adorable! Every corner has something cute to fall in love with and with Christmas shopping on the horizon this is a larger set worth setting your sights on.  It displays beautifully and has a very good pence to piece ratio.

The design and shape of the house really lets it stand out from the crowd, especially with its complicated roof structure. It really has a warmth to the set and the sugar and sweet exterior and interior will likely be a strong selling point.

I would say good enough to eat, but we don’t want anyone chocking on LEGO bricks, which might explain the 12+ age range.

Our visual guide is here.

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