LEGO Friends – Central Perk

Pieces: 1070

Ages: 16+

Mini Figures: 7

Price: £64.99

What’s inside

Multiple numbered bags of Lego bricks

3 x Instruction booklet

Sticker sheet


The one with 1070 pieces indeed!  The age range on the box of this one may give away the “fan base” audience it is intended for.  Yes the American Sit-Com from 1994-2004 has come to LEGO! Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe are all here at their favourite hangout, with Gunther thrown in for good measure


Staring with the base and then working around the walls, Central Perk comes to life fast, efficiently and with great ease. This is an easy set to build, and once you get done with the floor plan you start to work on the real detail where the major fun lies!

There are reminders in every corner and wall space, the colour scheme of the windows and interior decor is all a reminder of the show.  It’s very surprising just how little repetition there is along the walled areas. Largely because there is always something new going on, either a seated area, or a window, or the main doors. There’s even a cool poster advertising the “live performer.”

The set also comes with three large holes in the floor for where you create the large runs for some of the furniture.  And the main one of there is of course where our gang hang out.  This section of the set is removable as well for anyone that want’s to display that part of the set by itself perhaps. The set as a whole is an impressive display piece alone.

Finished product

This is a wonderful recreation of one of sitcoms’ most famous sets ever. The attention to detail going on in some of the corners is very good: From the coffee machine to the service sign, to the umbrellas by the door. There are also some nice nods to episodes – like the poster of Joey with blue lipstick that hangs outside (That god it wasn’t the STD poster!).

The piece to pence value is very strong on this set as well which is surprising for a licensed set. The age group noted on the box does not reflect the difficulty of the built; Far from it. Anyone not familiar with the series that still likes the look of this set shouldn’t be worried about any difficulty level.

If this sells well, then maybe Monica’s apartment may be next! This is highly recommended for fans. It’s simply a great fun few hours at great value!

A visual build is located here.

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