RAVEN shares new single “Floss”

Having recently announced his new EP ‘Jeté’ is set for release October 25th via PRAH Recordings, emerging London via Margate composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Raven is sharing his new single “Floss from the record. 

Raven has collaborated with many well-respected artists including Kate Tempest, Paul Weller, Mica Levi, Kwes and Bullion. His music upholds a balance between the orchestral and electronic, abstract and conventional. Parallels can be drawn to the artist Arthur Russell, in terms of their diversity, creating tracks you can dance to, but also songs and music for reflection. 

Drawing inspiration largely from the people around him, Raven explains “I find people really inspiring, it’s amazing what can happen after a good conversation, it can give you a different perspective on things. I guess I’m always trying to get a new perspective in one way or another, I find that really creative.” 

Combining this with an interest in dance as an art form and movement, Raven came to create Jeté. Having recently worked with some incredibly talented choreographers and dancers, Raven looks to explore the creative freedom, emotion and human connection within dance with his new record; the EP title Jeté literally translates as the French for “jump” and the cover art was a photograph taken by Raven’s father of dancers back in the 80s. 

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