KATIE GATELY shares haunting new track “Allay.”

Ahead of the release of her new album ‘Loom’ via Houndstooth this Friday, February 14th, electronic musician and producer Katie Gately today shares new single “Allay”. Shewill also play at London’s Cafe Oto on April 1st.

Following singles Bracer and Waltz“,new track “Allay” sees Gately personify the cancer that took her mother’s life whilst channelling the gravity of emotion through sound samples including earthquakes, explosions, wolf howls, peacock screams and grinding stones. The track marches towards a spiky and disorientating crescendo – haunting, powerful and characteristic of the devastating yet compelling world she has created on ‘Loom’.

Following remix work for Björk and Zola Jesus, productions for serpentwithfeet, and her debut album on Tri-Angle, Loom’ is a remarkable album, dedicated to Katie’s mother who passed away in 2018 due to a rare form of cancer. Gately channels her loss through a multitude of sounds and samples, including seismic rumbles and earthquake recordings alongside her signature adventurous sound design and unexpected earworm melodies, signifying how grief like this is like the shifting of the earth. 

Where her debut album, 2016’s ‘Color’, deployed fractured rhythms, fierce licks, bold samples and paintbox pop hooks, ‘Loom’ reveals crepuscular textures. Her voice is more forward in the mix, often densely layered in choral laments above a coarse foundation of hard and brittle sound design, the latter of which is rooted in her film school training. As well as earthquake sounds, Loom includes more samples chosen for their associative power – pill bottles shaking, wolves howling, a shovel digging, a paper shredder and heavily processed audio from her parent’s wedding. 

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