British Landlords Unite with Tenants for a Collective Response to Prevent Major Loss of Business

The Night Time Industries Association has joined forces with landlords from across the UK to urge the Prime Minister and the Chancellor to adopt The Big Freeze urgently to prevent major business loss.

“It is fantastic news that so many Landlords from across the UK have joined with us at this very difficult time. We are, of course, all in this together which is why The NTIA and many British Landlords are asking the Prime Minister and the Chancellor to adopt The Big Freeze urgently. While the government has come an enormous distance at a very difficult time, we run the risk of losing a huge amount of our businesses who cannot afford and often do not qualify for further debt in addition to their losses due to the Covid-19 shutdown. Landlords and Tenants are all businesses that UK Plc relies upon. This is now urgent.” Says Mike Kill, CEO, Night Time Industries Association

“As one of London’s largest landlords in an area of high concentration, we at Soho Estates have been around long enough to have seen several recessions. This is different. We know that for many tenants, things are enormously difficult currently. That is why we are supporting The Big Freeze. As Landlords, we are a keen Stakeholder and part of the community. We know that we must avoid a situation of empty high streets at all costs. We as landlords also have financial commitments as do our tenants. The Big Freeze is a smart solution for all.” Adds John James, MD, Soho Estates

A Joint Statement by The NTIA and UK Landlords

The unprecedented nature of the current Covid-19 crisis has put a huge burden on every business and individual in the UK.

We commend the government on much of the action taken. The issue facing us all, however, is that not enough consideration has been given to the issue of Commercial Loans, Mortgages and financial support.

Landlords are NOT the bad guys. They are British businesses who form an integral and vital part of UK Plc.

The Night Time Industries and the broader hospitality sector, along with retail, travel and tourism industries are facing a life or death situation right now, with an unprecedented level of business interruption, enforced by government to protect public health.

We have a solution: ‘The Big Freeze’

What is ‘The Big Freeze’? – The Big Freeze is a portfolio of proposed measures to consider during the COVID – 19 period, in addition to the current measures that exist within the UK. We are proposing that all financial commitments to banks in terms of mortgages, loans and financial agreements be frozen, without effect on any current covenants or balances in terms of interest. Commitments will be reinstated once the crisis period ends.

Important: During this period no debt will be accrued.

It is important to recognise that the financial position of each business will be assessed on a case by case basis, and will be supported through this system, accordingly, ensuring that the correct levels of support will be given to businesses which are at risk.

We as representatives of British businesses including bars, clubs, restaurants, retail and tourism and landlords implore the government to implement ‘The Big Freeze.’

This will give landlords the financial freedom to allow tenants to get back to business after a period of economic hibernation, ensuring that many of the UK’s essential businesses that constitute a large proportion of British GDP will survive this crisis.

We know that the British public will support mechanisms that will see our society through this crisis, without further devastation through the intransigence of the banking and the financial sector.

We shall also instigate a review of insurance underwriting as a part of this for the future too.

We invite the Prime Minister to adopt The Big Freeze as a matter of the utmost national urgency immediately.

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