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Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Reddick & The Dollyrots’ Kelly Ogden Present “Get This Christmas Right”

Bowling For Soup main man Jaret Reddick and The Dollyrots’ firecracker frontwoman Kelly Ogden have renewed their musical partnership as “Jaret and Kelly” – just in time for the holidays. Eighteen months on from their debut album “Sittin’ In A Tree”, the pop punk duo have unveiled a festive single just in time for the holiday season.

“Get This Christmas Right” is a two minute blast of warm, catchy Christmas spirit. It’s a track that will simultaneously bring on nostalgic feelings of holidays gone by, while also letting us all look forward to Christmases both present and future.

A firm lover of all things Christmas, here’s Jaret to tell everyone a little bit more about the new single:

“It’s always awesome to get a new Christmas song into the world, especially a new idea like this. But more important, Kelly and I haven’t made any music together in over a year, so it was time! I think you will hear the excitement in our voices when you listen. :)”

Not to be outdone, for Kelly this new track has been something important in many ways:

“2020 has been quite a doozie and if I don’t get to see my BFF at least I get to make music with him! This song is sure to bring smiles to your faces!”

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