Ab Fab star Jane Horrocks joins Jools & Jim’s Joyride

Acclaimed actress and singer Jane Horrocks is the latest guest to get behind the wheel of Jools and Jim’s Joyride, the brand-new podcast hosted by iconic bandleader Jools Holland and comedian Jim Moir, best known as Vic Reeves.  

The multi-award nominated actress and singer reveals her ‘slow and angry’ approach to road rage as the trio discuss the potential perils of shouting at other road users.  

Discussing one experience, Jane Horrocks said, ‘I was driving along the river at the bottom of my road. There were lots of people because it was a rugby day, so there were lots of rugby jolly people at the pub, and so I was going slowly because they were all in the pathway. And this man beeped me behind and I got out of my car and went to his window and went “WHAT?!”. And he looked shocked. And I got back in and drove.‘  

During the podcast, Horrocks recalls her earliest days of singing, giving her best Julie Andrews impression along the Lancashire hills at the age of nine. An avid lockdown cyclist, Horrocks also recounts her labored attempts to spread joy along her towpath while spying on unaware pedestrians like ‘tall enigmatic’. Meanwhile, Jools discusses his run-in with a motorway flasher while Jim outlines the best obscene hand signals to wave at sub-par drivers. 

Premiering last week with Bob Mortimer, Jools and Jim’s Joyride is a homage to all things travel, chatting about transport and general tittle-tattle as they unravel the inner psyche of each guest. 

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