Chris Difford joins Jools Holland & Jim Moir’s podcast Joyride

Jools and Jim’s Joyridethe hilarious travel themed podcast hosted by Jools Holland and Jim Moir (AKA comedian Vic Reeves), takes to the skies this week with Holland’s long-time chum and Squeeze bandmate, Chris Difford.  

In episode three, the trio dive into a world of showbiz gossip and air-borne antics. As Jools reminisces on the star-studded flights that followed the recording of each episode of The Tube, Chris recounts the time Paul McKenna tried to cure him of his fear of flying for breakfast TV: 

‘We went to a tiny little plane at 7 o’clock in the morning with Paul McKenna. He starts talking to me to get me into this zone, where I’m in some special place. And all I can think is “I can’t stand this bloke’s voice – it’s driving me bloody mad!”. Then the plane took off and we hit some turbulence and he was more nervous than I was!’ 

During the podcast, Difford, who wrote the lyrics for many of Squeeze’s smash hits such as ‘Cool for Cats’ and has been a close friend of Holland since they were teenagers, also chats about being inspired by life on the road and his days of chauffeuring Bryan Ferry. Meanwhile, Jim reveals why his giant head shocked the BBC while the trio discuss the secrets of Art Garfunkel’s wig and the best transport moments in cinema.   

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