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Maxïmo Park share video for new track “Why Must A Building Burn?”

Maxïmo Park‘s new album “Nature Always Wins” is out now via Prolifica Inc. Recorded and released during unquestionably the most challenging period for any artist, and pieced together remotely across the Atlantic with producer Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Deerhunter), “Nature Always Wins” arrives as some of the band’s most impassioned, stirring, and ambitious work to date. Hear the album in full now HERE.

Through the course of new singles such as the psychedelic Child Of The FlatlandsBaby, Sleep‘s playful indie-pop, the jerky and animated I Don’t Know What I’m Doing, and the widescreen rumination of All Of Me, the band have entered into a thrilling new era; one that ties together their story to date in a most cohesive way.

Talking about releasing the record through this time, singer Paul Smith said: “We’re really proud of the album and even though it’s our seventh, we get as excited about the release day as if it was the first time. It’ll be strange not to be able to go out and see it in the shops, but it’s nice to think that these songs might provide listeners with some uplifting moments during the pandemic and beyond.”

Today, the band are also sharing a lyric video for the album’s poignant centrepiece Why Must A Building Burn?Smith continues: “Why Must A Building Burn? is a snapshot of ordinary lives touched by tragedy in different ways. I think the heavy subject matter is alleviated, and made more resonant, by the effervescent music. I was thinking of how Prince does that brilliantly in ‘Sign O’ The Times’ when we wrote the song.”

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