Introducing the brand new THE BOOK CLUB

Let’s talk about The Book Club. A defining venue for everything great and unmissable about Shoreditch, over the past decade its walls have seen some of the greatest nights and memories that late-night London culture has ever seen. A welcoming home to all, full of boozy weekends and bubbling superculture – it’s not just the place to be but the place to circle in your diary each and every week. And now it’s back.

But not as you would have known it.

Reopening on May 19th, The Book Club has been given a distinctly fresh overhaul – with an incredible new Brooklyn-style loft feel and a newfound look as the perfect late-night destination Shoreditch has been crying out for. A home away from home, The Book Club is the hub you’ll be coming to know and love – where friendships are born and a world of like-minded people soon become your nightly buds for life. Complete with an unrivalled assortment of every drink and flavour you need for a perfect night in the heart of Shoreditch and a programme of eclectic DJs spinning the best tunes every single week – this is The Book Club like you’ve never seen it before.

Did somebody say cocktails? Well, The Book Club certainly has – bringing the fire with a mouthwatering menu that you won’t find anywhere else. Sit back and let the experts do the mixing, with ‘The Sweetest I <3 U’s Cocktail Menu’, an exclusive selection of drinks based on classic romances from years gone by. Bursting with delightfully sweet flavours, take your pick between candy floss tastes, watermelon sweet garnishes or in-house homemade raspberry, coconut and vanilla foam. Never has the word ‘refreshing’ been so apt. Fall in love all over again, with the sweetest I <3 U’s around.

Never has going out in Shoreditch been so vital. With low-lit late-night vibes and a plethora of choice – it takes everything you know and love about The Book Club and dials them to the max. THE place to be as the evenings draw in and the late-night summer atmosphere comes a-calling, expect a popping dancefloor primed to come together and celebrate in a fashion we’ve all missed over the past year. Gather up your squad, prepare for the late-night romance of London at night – The Book Club is open to all once again.

Not just the perfect late-night London experience, The Book Club is also revamping its moreish food and drink menus to offer everything you need in one place. A bubbling pot of the coolest culture and arts that East London has to offer – expect delicious slices of an acclaimed new Pizza offering to power The Book Club from open to close each and every night, whilst savouring the unique tastes of CBD cocktails to truly add a little blaze to your visit – teaming up with the fine folk at Goodrays for the ultimate ‘cannabis seltzer’. The finest new and revered London creatives will adorn The Book Club’s famed walls – with regular exhibitions and art showcases surrounding you in the latest and greatest that this fine city has to offer. It all mixes into the perfect cocktail that is The Book Club. Then. Now. Forever.

Let’s not forget that from June 21st, The Book Club will once again be reopening their bustling basement hub too – full of the best hip-hop and R&B club nights in the capital as we all dance together again late into the night. Bringing different layers and experiences all within The Book Club’s famed walls, it’s yet another essential reason why The Book Club sits as the must-visit destination East London has been waiting for.

Want another reason to get back to The Book Club quicktime? Well how about a very special welcome back offer to make your nights even better – with ‘Grab A Pizza The Book Club’ offering Free Pizza Slices between 4pm-6pm with every first drink bought! Now that’s what we’re talking about!!

The Book Club reopens on May 19th, with new-look opening hours running each and every week from Wednesday-Sunday, sitting as:
Wednesdays + Thursdays: 4pm-12am
Friday: 4pm-2am
Saturday: 12pm-2am
Sunday: 12pm-10pm

The Book Club is open for its famous Brunch on Saturday and Sunday daytimes!

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