Sugarcane’s ‘Blondes (Have More Fun)’ single – sunny sounds with a bitter aftertaste

Sugarcane‘s new single Blondes (Have More Fun) – out now – seems to be the perfect soundtrack to be the final and much overdue emergence of the sun, all breezy bossa rhythms and an equally smiles-all-round video to boot.

But behind the smiles there’s a healthy dose of subtle political comment, as the song relates how various big British acts like Rod Stewart and Led Zeppelin seem to have got away with stealing from more original, roots sources and get away with it scot free/

Sugarcane is the brainchild of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Robin French, who played on Jools Holland and toured with Amy Winehouse with his former band Mr Hudson & The Library. Robin’s now probably best known as a playwright and screenwriter – creating and writing five series of the BBC sitcom ‘Cuckoo’ and having plays produced by the RSC, The National and The Royal Court. 

With the band’s debut album ‘Cat’s Eyes’ around the corner, with blissed-out Brazilian and Caribbean beats vying with sardonic, barbed humour and indie songwriting skills, you should be watching Sugarcane this summer just as keenly as the changeable English weather itself.

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