DAS BEAT share final single “Jackie” from debut EP

Das Beat, made up of German actress & vocalist Eddie Rabenberger and Agor of Blue Hawaii, are sharing “Jackie,” the final single from their debut EP. A mosaic of dark and whimsical electronica, the song follows previously-released singles, “Ariadne,” the eponymously-titled “Identität,” and “Bubble,” consequently rounding out the EP available now via Arbutus Records. 

Das Beat shares about “Jackie”,“Sometimes you just can’t let go of things, dreams, people etc… even though they are long gone. This song captures the feeling of deciding it is better to move forward than remaining in your aged beliefs. It features a simple guitar melody which guides the listener through the song, past Jackie and the golden beans.”

Listen to ‘Identität‘ in full here:

Born in Berlin during 2020’s legendary lockdown, Das Beat seeks to blast both boredom and boundary. Dabbling in German New Wave, Italo Disco, Indie & Dance, their sound is unified by vocals from Eddie Rabenberger, sung in German and English. Amidst playful lyrics one finds a strong underlying pulse (das “beat”), pinning down the duo’s meandering atmospherics, dreamy synths, guitars and percussion. 

The duo is half-Canadian and half-German. Agor (of Blue Hawaii), moved to Berlin from Montreal in 2018. Eddie is a theatre actress originally hailing from a small town in Bavaria. Together they find a strange but alluring symbiosis – like Giorgio Moroder meets Nico, or Gina X Performance meets The Prodigy. Their debut EP Identität is out now via Arbutus Records.

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