PREY DRIVE release music video for new track ‘Glitch’

Norwich-based emo band PREY DRIVE have released a new music video for their track ‘Glitch’ featuring a passionate performance from vocalist Bradley Smith. 

The track was written during lockdown of summer 2020 as Bradley and guitarist Steve Larke-Meija bounced ideas back and forth over email. The creation through computers gave the track a more digital element and feel, including a lot of reverse vocals and sampled drum beats.

The track is “about obsessing over past mistakes or decisions that you replay over and over again. The ones that creep back into your head In the shower or late at night in bed while you’re trying to sleep and you wonder what if… What if I’d taken a different route? Made a different choice? Where would I be now?” says Bradley.

He adds “It’s about trying to make peace with yourself and creating some sort of closure and moving on in a positive manner.” 

‘Glitch’ features on Prey Drive’s ‘Neon God’ EP, out now. It’s their first release with Lockjaw Records and comprises five new tracks following themes of hopelessness, fears of an ever-growing technological future, and our dependence on devices like our phones and the internet to actually be able to live in it and not feel like you’re missing out.

From the 5-track EP, listeners can expect a powerhouse of authoritative rock riffs intertwined with intricate mathematical lead lines and a dream-like ambience, with soaring vocals soaked in canorous harmonies. The lyrics reflect on self-frustration and the personal challenges of adhering with society’s expectations – something we can all relate to.

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