Legendary hip hop duo The Cool Kids have collaborated with french organization DeuxMetresCubes to unveil an interactive world in Minecraft where fans can experience the upcoming triple album Before Shit Got Weird. Songs will be brought to life and gamified through quests and mini-games throughout the meta-verse and act as the soundtrack. Players will be able to participate in quests to uncover snippets of unreleased music and experience previously released tracks that will play alongside corresponding mini games that include racing alongside friends in a classic lowrider, visiting the Dapper Dan Harlem shop, and arranging their own villa by customizing walls, ceilings, and floors. 

Created as a response to the pandemic, the world allows players to experience what Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks have been up to separately and collectively as a duo during their time in lockdown. By visiting Downtown Los Angeles players will have an inside look at what Chuck has been creating for his solo LP Chill Out. After a short ride in a classic lowrider to an elaborate vineyard, players will hear how Sir Michael Rocks’ sound has evolved in his solo portion of the album, Baby Oil Staircase. The world is aimed to offer a look into the future while still holding onto the duo’s nostalgic sound in a post-COVID-19 world. 

We hope you enjoy the ride!

This world was built by DeuxMetresCubes. This is not an official Minecraft product and is not approved by or associated with Mojang

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