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Amsterdam Dance Event Launch New Arts & Culture Program

Amsterdam Dance Event launches its brand new Arts & Culture program, which aims to let electronic music enthusiasts explore the world of dance outside of the dancefloor throughout the city of Amsterdam from October 13 through 17. Highlighted collaborations include Nelly Ben Hayoun, Helena Basilova, an artist residency program with Nxt Museum and more.

Electronic music and art are inseparably bound together, and ADE is devoted to providing a stage to the creative expressions that connect dance music culture and the world of arts. Through a dedicated program of exhibitions, special performances, art installations, documentaries and more, ADE Arts & Culture is set to become the ideal place to explore the cross-pollinations between club and culture.

The first confirmed ADE Arts & Culture highlights include an artist residency showcase by Nxt Museum and ADE on ADE’s opening night, a series of spiritual healing experiences for ravers by award-winning director and designer Nelly Ben Hayoun and an unplugged performance by pianist Helena Basilova surrounded by 800 candles, alongside events by Tools for Action x NDSM, Foam, Nederlands Kamerkoor, Connor Schumacher and more.

In addition, ADE calls upon artists and entrepreneurs for its collaboration projects with Villa Buitenlust and Music Moves: Music Moves aims to make the dance floor accessible for everyone and offers a free traineeship program to organise an official ADE event for the elderly, special needs children and/or homeless people. Another invitation to participate is offered by Villa Buitenlust, through a creative residency to develop and present new works. AccessIndividual ticket sales for the ADE Arts & Culture program are set to become available soon. Moreover, the ADE Pro Pass grants full access to the entire Arts & Culture program, in addition to ADE’s conference and festival offering and all other benefits. The ADE Pro Pass is available at an Early Bird rate here.

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