LIGHT GREY release new track ‘Disassociate’

Galway-based alternative rock duo LIGHT GREY have released new track ‘Disassociate’ with a lyric video.

“‘Disassociate’ centres on the theme of losing friends and looking back over the time you’ve wasted on people who truly never cared about you in the first place,” they explain regarding the song’s context. “It explores the feelings of disassociation that come with the isolation and realising they were never there for you.”

The track is the first to be released from the band’s recent stint in the studio and was co-produced by the band alongside HappyDaze’s Luke Bovil. The new track showcases the Light Grey’s transition away from pop rock in favour of the emo-rap infused pop-punk of the modern era. Its trap style is driven by electronic drums and mellow guitar riffs – all crescendoing into an explosive and catchy chorus, which sharply contrasts the heavy lyrical themes.

Ireland’s Light Grey are Ciaran Nevin (guitar/vocals) and Mikey Connolly(bass/backing vocals) who stepped out into the alternative music scene with the release of their debut EP ‘Beginners Luck’ in 2018. Expanding to a temporary full-band format, they subsequently released three singles throughout 2019 and 2020. In addition to facilitating the production of their own discography during that time, Nevin and Connolly also worked on tracks alongside the likes of Sammy Clifford (WSTR) and Smrtdeath.

On the heels of a lineup change that has returned the band to their original, two-man act, the duo are now showing off their evolution with new music that marks Light Grey’s divergence into a grittier, hip-hop-accented take on 2000s punk.

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