DEATH BLOOMS release their tribute to the moshpit

Finally on the verge of some actual real life touring, Liverpool metal band Death Blooms have released their timely ode to the moshpit. ‘One Release’ is out today and vocalist Paul Barrow says of its inspiration and intent: “Get in the pit. Just get in it. At every opportunity. It’s our home. Like the last couple of years have shown, it literally feels like all we have sometimes. That bond, that release. Whatever that feeling is needs to be had as much as possible. This is our tribute to the moshpit.”

The supremely cathartic feel of ‘One Release’ is an energy that emanates from the whole of Death Blooms’ debut album ‘Life Is Pain’, set for release 22 October via Adventure Cat Records. Recent single ‘Shut Up’, which also features on the record, soundtracked the return of heavy music, after the pandemic put the kibosh on it, at this year’s Download Pilot festival. The band received a rapturous response from all assembled as they opened up the festival, and the pit. Jack Saunders has shown his continued support for the band, spinning ‘Shut Up’ and the updated version of the track featuring Wargasm on BBC Radio 1’s Future Artists show.

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