Ravenbreed Release New Single Among Ghosts

Cardiff high flying, rising rockers Ravenbreed are back with a new single and a brand new line up! With original members Mikey Watkins and Ross Formosa now joined by the impressive vocals of Luke Short and the awesome drumming of Aggy Nowicka, the new incarnation of Ravenbreed are delighted to announce their first piece of new music.

A brand new Ravenbreed single is coming everyone’s way on October 29th. It’s called Among Ghosts, and it is set to be one of the rock earworms of the Autumn. Abandon any thoughts of your traditional Halloween playlists, all you will need come October 29th is Among Ghosts! With it’s winding intro, huge chorus and ripping guitar solo, Among Ghosts is everything a modern rock song should be in 2021.

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