GRUMPSTER Announce new album Fever Dream

Californian garage punk band GRUMPSTER have announced their brand new album Fever Dream, their first album on new label Pure Noise Records. The record is out the 17th June 2022 and features previously released singles Crash’ and Looking Good.’ 

The band have also released a new video for the title track of the record, Fever Dream. Speaking about the new single the band said ‘Fever Dream is about being delusional. Going through every day pretending you’re somewhere you’re not, doing anything other than what you’re presently doing. Being in a haze most of the time and not being able to snap out of it.’

Grumpster’s Pure Noise Records debut, FEVER DREAM, was put into motion quickly after the release of debut album Underwhelmed, which they never were able to tour properly due to the pandemic. 

“We waited and waited to tour Underwhelmed, but things never stopped looking pretty bleak,” says Falyn Walsh. “We ended up doing a live stream with Anti-Flag during the pandemic where Chris #2 told us, ‘Write some new songs and let me produce them!’ We thought, ‘Oh, god, I guess we have to make a new record now.'”

Produced by Chris #2 of Anti-Flag, at District Recording in San Jose, FEVER DREAM filters the ghosts of the East Bay’s melodic punk history through Grumpster’s signature garage rock sound – which Alternative Press hailed as “a ’96 mixtape that has the Breeders, Huggy Bear and Imperial Teen on it.” 

Ferocious power chords, buoyant choruses, and DIY energy filtered through modern sonics fill the album’s 10 songs, as the band explore the push and pull between dead-end relationships and more introspective moments and how the two intersect to create a cycle of anxiety and self-loathing, yes, but also ultimately resilience. 

FEVER DREAM is an album that, just like its bursts of double-time tempos and shout-along choruses, elevates waves of emotions – the ones that seemingly come out of nowhere and have the ability to salvage or shipwreck your entire day.

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