CANDY share new single “Transcend To Wet”

Today CANDY share the blistering second offering from their forthcoming album ‘Heaven Is Here,’ due for release on the 24th of June via Relapse Records.

In pushing the limits of standard chaos, US band CANDY have been a transitory force within the hardcore music scene over recent years. Refusing to adhere to the paradigms and principles of hardcore, punk, metal, pop, or whatever genre the listener has tried to assign them; they’ve manufactured a space all their own – something that is clearly evident on this latest single.

In under 2 minutes new single Transcend to Wet establishes connections in the uncharted territory between electronic sub-genres, such as gabber, with digital hardcore and extreme metal, hinting at the breadth of CANDY‘s genre-agnostic vision.

‘Heaven Is Here’ stream/pre-order links:

Known as much for their show-stopping live performances as their unique brand of hardcore, CANDY’s forthcoming 10-track project was produced by extreme music powerhouse Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Black Curse, Prurient) alongside CANDY guitarist Michael Quick. 

‘Heaven Is Here’ proves to be a record where the songs feel like a merciful reprieve from the screeching interludes; a masterful almanac of noise welded together by the unpredictable ways that we hear and reproduce the music we love in the era of unending dopamine hits and virulent technological doom.

During the fall of 2017, Candy ushered its audience into their dystopian soundscape with the breakout 7″ ‘Candy Says’. Synthesizing global influences from across the punk/hardcore spectrum, from forefathers such as Bastard, Discharge, Cro-Mags, and Integrity, the group demonstrated their ability to match the energy of their inspirators while providing a uniquely visceral experience. Frontman Zak Quiram’s guttural bellows propelled with Michael Quick’s contemplative guitar work, we see all the working parts of a band hell bent on warping the reality of its listener. Use of chorus pedals over down-tuned guitars further affirms the saccharine & grotesque dichotomy that has become Candy’s calling card

Aligning with the esteemed engineer and producer Arthur Rizk, Candy achieved the type of artistry that transcends the confines of its own medium, with their first full-length record ‘Good to Feel.’ Noise and image bled together throughout the albums’ brief but resounding 9 song track list. Lyrically, Quiram addressed the rampant environmental devastation, suicidal ideation, police violence, and corruption that plagues the news cycle, while fellow band members provided its soundtrack.

Following the release of their debut full-length, Candy left an impression on spectators near and far with their brooding and bloody performances. Touring alongside contemporaries, such as Fucked Up, Terror, and Harms Way, as well as making appearances with hardcore icons like Quicksand and Iron Age, showed bystanders that the company they keep reflect their larger rejection of genre conformity.

In their latest lockstep along the yellow brick, Candy has found an ally in Relapse Records. Having shared the stage with acts from Relapse’s roster, such as Full of Hell, Nothing and Gatecreeper, the band is geared to make some of their most jarring, yet satiating, musical offerings to date.

Candy is:
Michael Quick – Guitar
Drew Stark – Guitar 
Steve Digenio – Drums
Zak Quiram – Vocals
Kaleb Perdue – Bass

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