New Jersey powerhouse Palisades have today released their latest single and music video Sober, taken from their forthcoming new album ‘Reaching Hypercritical’ out on Friday, 22nd July (via Rise Records).  Speaking on today’s release, drummer Aaron Rosa shares:

‘Sober’ was initially inspired from seeing people close to me struggle with addiction. It wasn’t limited to just drugs and alcohol, but recognising addiction in relationships with other people, as well as unhealthy habits in their day-to-day life. Sometimes we can be led down a dark path where we become obsessed with things that are just not good for us. We can ignore our loved one’s words of help and concern. We yearn to numb ourselves. Constant stumbling through life just wanting to feel a certain way which can blind our hearts as well as our judgment.

This song is the journey of someone that desperately wants out of the stranglehold of their vices. To see through clear and sober eyes sometimes starts with that acceptance that something is screwed up and needs to change. At the end of the day, this song is about choosing yourself and your overall health.

Prior to today’s release, Palisades dropped visual accompaniments for album title track Reaching Hypercritical, Better, and My Consequences” which altogether have amassed nearly 1.7 million streams on Spotify and 688,000 views on YouTube. Watch the music video for Sober here, stream the track here, and pre-order ‘Reaching Hypercritical’ here.


1. My Consequences
2. Reaching Hypercritical
3. Invincible (Die Down)
4. Your Misery
5. Without You
6. Better
7. Fray
8. Sick Of The Attitude 9. Fade Away
10. Sober
11. Closure

Often lost in the past two years of the coronavirus pandemic aware of the nuances that ‘normal’ life brings. Trials, traumas, loves, and losses were all still present, even if ignored.

This is something that New Jersey rock outfit Palisades are all too familiar with, the band – vocalist/bassist Brandon Elgar, guitarists Xavier Adames and Matthew Marshall, and drummer Aaron Rosa – having been forced to contend with everything from line-up changes to the death of loved ones, all the while trying to record a new album amidst the most uncertain period the music industry has ever faced.

Their efforts and struggles have not been in vain. Palisades’ superb new album, Reaching Hypercriticalis due for release on Friday, July 2022 via their long-time home Rise Records. The band – whose worldwide streams now approaching 300 million – broke the Billboard 200 with their last LP, 2018’s Erase the Pain, while also scoring the #1 Independent, Top New Artist and Alternative New Artist album. With their strongest and most ambitious record yet now ready for the world, Palisades look set to further build upon their past efforts and appearances at festivals including Louder Than Life, Reading and Leeds, Download and Rock am Ring by reinforcing their status as one of rock’s most necessarily innovative and purposeful artists.

“It’s a been a pretty drastic progression musically,” drummer Aaron Rosa notes of Reaching Hypercritical. “This album really captures how the band has matured while being brutally honest with ourselves about all the tough moments that were going through our heads while making the record. Reaching Hypercritical is a true demonstration of how the past few years have changed us as people, as a band and what Palisades‘ music stands for.”

Some of that change derives from  the  band’s  recent  line-up  shift,  which  saw  frontman  Lou  Miceli  exit  and  vocalist/bassist Brandon Elgar step up on sole vocals. The move has allowed Palisades to hone in on their new frontman’s passion, swagger, and raw talent, whose cathartic presence is the perfect muse for their emotive songs.

“The sheer talent and unique style Brandon brings to being a frontman really  elevates  our  music,”  guitarist  Matthew  Marshall comments. “His melodies, lyrics and his flair makes all of us continue to push ourselves and that was ideal for what we wanted to achieve with Reaching Hypercritical. A new beginning for Palisades.”

While the atmosphere within the band is currently one of excitement and promise, the rocky path Palisades has had to traverse in order to create Reaching Hypercritical is reflected in the solemn, introspective, and often very dark outlook of the music. Mental illness and divorce  are  two  heavy  topics  that  rear  their  head  on  the  record,  while  Aaron  took  the  opportunity  on Reaching Hypercritical to open up about the death of his father, who passed away during the writing of Palisades‘ new LP.

“In terms of both our mental health and our career, it very much felt like we were reaching a hypercritical point,” he says of the band’s recent experiences. “You have all of the uncertainty that was brought on by a pandemic while life continues to do what it

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