LEGO Ghostbusters: Ecto-1 Review

LEGO Ecto-1

Pieces: 2352

Ages: 18+

Mini Figures: 0

Price: $299.99

What’s inside

Multiple numbered bags of Lego bricks

Instruction booklet

Sticker sheet


The latest Ghostbusters film “Afterlife” is the actual focus for this update of the Ecto-1.  It includes features on the car that are specific to that version in the film – including the side eject seat.


The building of the car doesn’t start or proceed any differently than any of the other vehicle sets LEGO have released. You start with the base/chassi and slowly build the interior body, seats, boot and engine up with the outer layers appearing last with the wheels left to stick on at the end.

Now, that is overly simplified, but this is the basic method of putting together a big car set from LEGO.  Firstly, it’s practical, but it does come together in a way that brigs your imagination alive. You will focus of certain elements as whole constructs, the gearing system, or the chairs, or the main engine block itself so you are technically outing whole parts together at a time, but it also grows outwards and upwards as you go.

The side panelling starts to appear on this one about a third of the way into your build, so you can build your anticipation for the appearance for the rustic white stickers and the main Ghostbuster logo itself,.  The shape of the car itself is very faithful to the real car.  The ambulance/hearse combinations shine through with its red fins at the back and an abundance of scanners and gadgets on the roof of the car which themselves move about.

The big trick though for this build is in the inside gunner seat that upon a button push ejects out of the side door ready for action. LEGO have managed to fulfil a busy interior whilst hind all the gears and moving parts that make this functionality happen.

There is also a trap door at the back of the vehicle’s interior for the release of the mini remote control car (another addition from the Afterlife film) that  also comes with the set.

LEGO Ghostbusters were already onto a win with the much a small version of this set a few years back that came with a set of the minifigures.  They topped that by releasing the Fire Station set which to this day remains one of the most fun builds and best licenced sets they have ever released.  They have justly then released this larger Ecto-1 set and in doing so have placed it high up next to the creator builds such as the Ford Mustang. Even if you don’t follow the films, the car is a must have anyway as it is a thing of beauty.

Finished product

Just stunning. This is easily in the top tier of any car set that LEGO have released.  And as a licenced piece it is a must have for Ghostbusters fans.  The fact that they went to the trouble of including the side eject seat and interior detail is worthy of credit to the designers. Part of the magic of putting a set together is discovering how ingenious the designers are and how they can fit it all into such a glorious finished product. And this is what separates the grown-ups from the kiddies here is that a great design isn’t just a pretty shell on the outside. This one is worth the price and should be on any LEGO collector’s shelf on display.

So, points for the design work. Check!

Points for accurate licenced material. Check

Points for display beauty. Check.  It’s full marks all the way for this one.

If you want to see more about the buikd,: see the visual guide HERE.

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