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Quantum Dot – Random Causalities EP

Luxembourg based duo Quantum Dot have been around since 2014, producing indie electronic music. Lionel Jeusette and Patrick Ribeiro have developed a retro-sounding synth sound that uses an interesting mixture of melodic pop melodies and powerful percussion. For this new six track EP, the duo brought in vocalist Thorunn Egilsdottir, the Icelandic lead singer of When Airy Met Fairy, and her beautiful vocals add much to the carefully crafted musical compositions.

Fast Forward opens the EP in a rather downbeat fashion, with violins and multi-tracked vocals creating a brooding atmosphere in a track about seeing the good in bad times. Lead single Breaking Bones has a gentle tone, the intricate pulsing melodies almost hiding the meaning of the song, which portrays the cost of breaking someone’s heart. Okay sees a piano taking the lead as Thorunn Egilsdottir’s passionate vocals soar superbly. The message here is acceptance of the imperfection of life and making the best of it.

Riverbed Sleep is dark and haunting, telling of a woman seeking her mate. It’s not clear if the search is literal or metaphorical, but it is ultimately unsuccessful. The vocals again cut through the layers of music, the high and passionate delivery displaying the emotional situation well. Clean is slow, with a feel of restoration and restarting, the powerful percussion prominent. The excellent final track Killerlove ends the EP in an upbeat musical mood, although this is a love song with an edge, hinting more towards obsession that love.

This is a good collection of tracks that may not instantly grab the attention, but has a quality that becomes more apparent on repeated listens. The well orchestrated rhythms are complex and ever changing, creating a shifting sonic landscape. The decision to bring in Thorunn Egilsdottir on vocals was a good one, and her lovely voice works well with the electronic backing.

Release date: 14 October 2022

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