LUCY GAFFNEY shares new single ‘Just Friends’

Lucy Gaffney is today sharing new single ‘Just Friends’, the latest to be taken from her forthcoming EP Daydream In Tokyo.

‘Just Friends’ follows the pure-cut indie-pop of recent single and EP title track ‘Daydream In Tokyo’

‘Just Friends’ explores the curious, often unpredictable relationship between love and belonging, connection and becoming. “Starry-eyed and mystified,” Gaffney masterfully filters the delicate dance between uncertainty and excitement that tends to come with new beginnings

“I was quite sad when I wrote this,” she says. “I had moved to Liverpool on my own to a new apartment. I didn’t know anyone there at the time so I felt completely isolated. So this song is about allowing yourself the time to understand where you are and actually connect with it.”

It could easily have seeped in melancholy but hard-earned optimism anchors the song’s burrowing indie-pop. It’s a defining quality that runs parallel with an almost touchable sense of Gaffney’s lived experience in Liverpool. Here, Prince’s Park and Hope Street carry as much evocative power as the neon-lit utopia of the Japanese capital.

“‘Just Friends’ started out as a kind of dreamy love song before becoming a love song to a city,” says Gaffney. “I was walking around Hope Street and I remembered what I loved about Liverpool and its character. It feels like an innocent song to me when I listen to it. There is this excitement to a new place in the pit of your stomach when you’re on your own. But there can be an excitement to the anonymity of it all.”

Hear ‘Just Friends’ on streaming services here and share the visualizer on YouTube below.

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