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Rosie H Sullivan – In My Nature EP

In My Nature is the second EP from Rosie H Sullivan, a young Scottish songwriter already gaining considerable radio support. The five tracks here typify her gentle folk approach that pairs a soft, melodic background with reflective lyrics. There is a maturity in the work that belies the relative youth of its creator, who is in her early twenties.

Wild Flowers and Cobbled Stones, opens the EP, the title evoking Sullivan’s relocation from her home on Lewis in the Outer Hebrides to Edinburgh. It’s a lovely song of contrasts: rural to urban, seascapes to city centre. The lyrics tell of loneliness and a search for something missing from her life, yet there is also a clear sense of acceptance that the journey is not yet over.

Only A Woman speaks to the challenges of being female in the twenty-first century. The lyrics are powerful, questioning whether the situation will ever change. Again there is the feel of a young woman still seeking her place in the world, the song cleverly balancing personal and universal struggles.

Previous single Fragments is a love song to the Scottish Highlands, a beautiful and melodic track sung slowly and emotionally. Chapters follows, telling of daily life and its challenges. The message here is one of taking the small wins and moving forwards, and its tone is upbeat. Timeless closes the EP, slow and delicate with soft vocals over acoustic guitar. The beautiful song is almost a meditation on living in the moment, talking time to reflect on now rather than rushing onwards.

In My Nature is a very good collection of songs. Rosie H Sullivan’s personal observations are understated musically, yet their reflective lyrics give them a deep and thoughtful feel. Her expressive voice delivers them beautifully, a haunting quality leaving the listener craving more – and I’m sure there is much more to come from this talented young woman.

Label: Nettwerk

Release date: 10 November 2023

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